Getting started

coreboot provides a fast, reliable, secure, and predictable boot-firmware solution for numerous modern and legacy chipsets. There are millions of devices running coreboot, including Google Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, and it runs in many datacenters. In 2016, coreboot.org has over 300 active developers, and roughly 60000 lines of code are added each quarter.


Using coreboot has numerous advantages for an OEM/ODM. coreboot comes with SoC support available to all developers. You share your codebase with other companies which are helping improving the SoC and driver-specific implementations. But there are also other reasons to use coreboot as your standard firmware.

Extremely fast

Flexible and customizable

Made with safety in mind

Designed for security by default

Debugging done easily

Saves costs and time

Quality assurance

Need help with coreboot?

If you do not employ your own firmware engineers, you can contact one of our many licensed coreboot contractors. Additional help is available through the extensive documentation on coreboot processes and an active online community, both in IRC and on the mailing list.

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